Circle Saver

About Us

As a company, we believe the impact we have on our employees, customers and communities extends well beyond our operations. When we think about the value we offer to the world, we know that it’s critical to protect the environment, give back to the communities we serve, create safe and fair workplaces for the people who make our products, and provide our employees with a great place to work. We can and must do more, and we will. Let us do better together.

We believe we have a responsibility to serve our customers over the long run by doing our part to address the immense issues facing our planet today. Through our goals, partnerships, and new initiatives, we are moving faster on environmental sustainability with more ambition than ever before. Nearly every part of our business has an impact on the environment. By focusing our efforts on three key impact areas, we hope to make meaningful progress on the most critical topics. And because these issues require bold action that is only possible with cooperation and collaboration, we are continuing to partner with our customers, across our industry and with leading experts.

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